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At Blockchain Insight, we understand the power of cryptocurrency, but we also know that scammers are becoming more sophisticated. From fake investments to phishing attacks, crypto scams come in many forms. Our Crypto Fraud Analysis service helps victims like you expose these tactics and fight back. What we do:

  • Expose Scam Tactics: We investigate the legitimacy of schemes, especially those asking for more "liquidity" or "deposits" to unlock funds. We'll expose the red flags.
  • Analyse the Evidence: We'll scrutinise the website/company, review your emails, messages, and other interactions with the brokers, and delve into blockchain transactions to help determine if it's a scam.
  • Build Your Case: Our detailed report gives you evidence to provide to fraud agencies or law enforcement.


Don't Wait. Contact us today to start your analysis. The sooner you act, the better your chances of minimising losses and getting justice.


Contact us at or call us on +(44) 78888 62887.

Crypto Fraud Analysis

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