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News: Arizona Leads Charge to make Bitcoin Legal Tender, FCA only approves 15% of applications

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers wearing military attire with the Bitcoin logo displayed in the background

  • Arizona Rides into the Crypto Frontier: State Senator Leads Charge to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender

  • Lawyers Strike it Rich in FTX Cryptocurrency Exchange Bankruptcy Case

  • UK Financial Watchdog Approves Only 15% of Crypto Firm Applications: FCA's Crypto-cul-de-sac

Arizona Senator pushes to make Bitcoin Legal tender

It's another day and Bitcoin is once again making headlines, with countries and states all over the world contemplating its legal status. One such state is Arizona, where state senator Wendy Rogers is leading the charge to make Bitcoin legal tender. This would mean that residents of Arizona could use Bitcoin to pay their taxes and debts, just like they would with traditional currency. Despite a previous failed attempt, Senator Rogers is back in the saddle and ready to rumble. If the bill is passed, it would be a big win for the Bitcoin community in Arizona.

Meanwhile, other countries are also considering hopping on the Bitcoin bandwagon. El Salvador has already made Bitcoin legal tender, and it's been a real hootenanny for tourism. Other countries, such as Argentina and Brazil, are also rumored to be considering similar legislation. Who knows, maybe one day we'll be able to buy a round of beers with Bitcoin. Yeehaw!


Sullivan & Cromwell sign outside head office
Sullivan & Cromwell are representing FTX

FTX Lawyers Strike Gold

But as the crypto industry grows, so do the legal challenges. Lawyers at Sullivan & Cromwell are set to hit the jackpot, as they've got 150 people working on the FTX exchange's bankruptcy case. With 30 partners charging over $2,000 an hour, it's clear that they're cashing in on crypto's downfall. But as long as they can help investigators recover some money, it's all worth it, right? Just like how Weil Gotshal made $500 million in fees from the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008. Lawyers, amirite?


Rejected Financial Conduct Authority Application

Crypto Companies Failing to Meet Standards

Finally, the UK's financial watchdog, the FCA, has approved only 41 out of 300 crypto firm applications seeking regulatory approval, a mere 15%. While the FCA didn't state the cause of the rejected or withdrawn applications, it did provide feedback on "good and poor quality" applications. Some companies may have had their applications scrapped if they couldn't show that they have sufficient blockchain-compliance resources set in place to monitor on-chain transactions. Looks like the crypto industry in the UK is going through a bit of a "rough patch" or as we like to call it, a "crypto-cul-de-sac".


Overall, it's clear that the crypto industry is constantly evolving and facing new challenges. But with countries and states like Arizona considering making Bitcoin legal tender, and with more and more people investing in and using cryptocurrencies, it's clear that this technology is here to stay. Only time will tell how it will all play out, but one thing is for sure: the crypto industry is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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